Japanese whisky has been gaining immense popularity in different parts of the world since the early 2000s. Actually, drinkers now have a drink that is intriguingly distinct from the traditional scotch. However, there are a couple of things you need to have in mind before drinking Japanese whisky. After all, you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest after spending money on a bottle of Japanese whisky. If you are planning to tour Japan, here are few tasting rules to keep in mind when trying out whisky from Japan.

Find Flavor

Even though sweetness and fruit is a common characteristic with Japanese whisky, there are other flavors that make this type of whisky distinct. One of the most notable profiles is the Mizunara Oak (rather than American or European Oak) that is used in deepening the sweetness of the spirit. Since Japan tends to lack natural sources, most of their whiskies are generally less peaty when compared to scotch. Some producers prefer importing peat in order to attain the intended intensity. You should therefore find a flavor that works perfectly for you in order to enjoy Japanese whisky.

Use Water and Ice

If you are planning to drink Japanese whisky in one of the most fashionable ways, then it would be better to take it with soda-water and ice. This is commonly referred to as the “highball” style as it complements the character of whisky in Japan. You are therefore set to experience a casual drinking style while at the same time pairing with food without having to worry about anything. On your tour in Japan, you will come across the highball culture regardless of the city or town you choose to visit. As a matter of fact, highball whisky cans are available in supermarkets and vending machines.

Know more regarding Your Choice

People who are fond of drinking whisky in Japan can bear witness to the fact that the country has a relatively small number of distilleries. Luckily, the wide range of whiskies produced by each distillery makes up for the lack of brand diversity. You should therefore spend some time learning more about the different brands in order to understand your choice perfectly. If you first impression is not fascinating, do not write off that particular distillery entirely. Instead check out the different brands in their collection after which you can get something that suits your palate.

The Bottom Line

It is without a doubt that Japanese whisky never disappoints and hence you should make an effort to try them out. Start by figuring out the flavor that works perfectly for you not forgetting the most preferable choice. Once you find the best brand, you need to take it with soda-water and ice. Through this action, you are set to enjoy Japanese whisky “highball style” thus getting good value for your money. Remember, it is all about finding the flavor and brand that works perfectly for you after which you can enjoy your drink.


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